green pink Nintendo switch

Exclusive Nintendo Joycons recently only sold in Japan, are now available for purchase for those in the United States!

These awesome 2 color joycons are bright and vibrant with lots of greatness to them. Not only do they look only the best, but they feel great to. We don’t own a pair but I can only imagine they feel of great quality by the reviews of these coming in already.

splatoon pink and green nintendo joycon

Its quite interesting that these once sold for Splatoon release are now so popular Nintendo decided to release them as a whole separate package for purchase. The CEO thinks this is a great idea. And it’s probably one of the best ideas yet!

However, mass sales will take place later this month. So be sure to stay updated as well will let you know when you can finally get these at the store. For now, they are only available for review.

available controller joycon for gaming