Are you ready for the best game in the universe? Well I hope you are, because Destiny 2 release date is here, and coming out quick!

From the developers Bungie and the help of Microsoft Studios, Destiny 2 has been released and many hundreds and thousands of players are now jumping on board and playing the best game available on the market. Gamers say they love this game because of the multiplayer capabilities, others are saying its all about the story line.

What we know is that this will be the game of the year. No other game will come close to what this has to offer.

Only the highest quality engines and textures will be used for this game. This is a great thing because this game could use some graphic overall from Destiny 1.

destiny 2 wallpaper

We do enjoy the hype that has surrounded this game. It is one of the best games so far in the year 2017.

It is really important to pick this game up very soon it is worth every penny.