Is it a surprise that mods help make a game a huge success? Take a look at halo 2. Huge success, but how? Mods.

You see, mods, or modifications, allow users to modify game settings to their liking. In other words – hacking.

However, developers do not like this and as a result, since halo 2, there has been a more regulated market for distributing mods.

Yes, gone are the days of flying warthogs, flying turrets, and Racetracks.

halo 2 racetrack flying warthog

We are now in a market that developers have gotten a stronghold of and patched many security back doors and have limited the release of mods made by users.

Luckily, not all developers are against mods, and allow users a bit of fun. Thanks Fallout 4


Even with developer regulation when it comes to mods, there is still a huge population that gravitates to any game that is modifiable.

As seen with Fallout 4 mod release, which alone saw more traffic than the PC roll-out.



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